Our Ambassadors

Ivy Kungu


Bio: Hello! My name is Ivy Kungu, and I’m a 22-year-old makeup artist and influencer from Texas. I started my fitness journey last year as a way to relieve stress and it’s not only helped me with that, but it’s taught me so much and has helped me build more confidence. One of my first purchases on this journey was a GraceFit UK band and they’re a staple in my routine, so I’m beyond excited to be working with this brand!

Job: Makeup Artist and Influencer

Why you love using our products? I love using the products because they’re great quality, they help me challenge myself in the gym, and there’s something for someone at any stage in their fitness journey!

Fiona Simpson


Bio: I’m Fiona and I’m a qualified personal trainer who likes to share my workouts and spread positivity on Instagram in funky outfits, I love being honest and open with the good and bad times so that it can help inspire people along their journey and to set a realistic representation of a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically!

Job: Part time job while doing some online coaching too!

Why you love using our products? the Grace Fit products are amazing quality and literally take my workout from a 5 to a 10 it’s crazy! They intensify your workouts and make them more fun too as you can add variations of things in, and I love the colours and funky patterns! I also love how there’s a variety of strengths for the bands so that everyone can join in.

Zöe Fisk


Bio: My name is Zoe Fisk, I am 25 years old a fitness blogger and IFBB bikini competitor. I have always been amongst fitness growing up and loved staying active. However, I can honestly say that right now I am at my happiest, as I found my passion within bodybuilding. Alongside bodybuilding, I love travelling and spending my time outdoors. I'm a real foodie at heart, and even though I prep for shows, I don't let that get in the way of my social life and enjoying quality time. I have been weight training for 5 years now, and I could call the gym my second home. Training is therapy. It makes me feel empowered, happy, badass. It's the time that I spend for me, and the feeling I get when I finish a workout at the gym is indescribable. I want to be able to encourage women to not feel intimidated in a gym environment and to not feel like training is a chore. There are so many different ways of keeping fit, and it doesn't have to be a struggle. It can be fun, and exciting! One of my goals is to become an IFBB Bikini Pro, and I am going to work as hard as I possibly can to accomplish it. You can achieve anything you put your heart and soul into. Remember that!

Job: Social Media, PT, Retail

Why you love using our products? I remember the first time I used a resistance band prior to my leg session. I had a goal in mind, and I wanted to grow my glutes and hamstrings. I was very quad dominant in which I was struggling to find a way of engaging my glutes. Grace's hip circles were so convenient. I would warm up with them and noticed a great deal of change. With the different resistances, I started incorporating them into certain exercises like hip thrusts, to really isolate my glutes. This was also to increase the intensity and other time I was seeing results. Now, I can't go a leg day without using a resistant band as they have become a staple piece of equipment to giving me the best workout

Emma Alvarez


Bio: Heya, I’m @em.fitnessuk but you can call me Em. I am a final year student studying Business Administration at the University of Bath (yes, Bath is gorgeous)! I started my fitness journey around 2 years ago because I wanted to be strong and wanted to grow my little arms. Fitness to me now is more than just that - it is a massive stress reliever for me and it allows me to really focus on myself!

Job: Student

Why you love using our products? The products absolutely change THE GAME and your gym sessions for the better. The quality & material of them is next level so there’s no worry about them breaking and allow you to push yourself to the max.

Isabela Serafim



Job: Currently part time student

Why you love using our products? I think nutrition and fitness is the most important thing in my life when it comes to keeping my health in check, I value working out and feeling good about yourself as a woman and I think GraceFitUK stands for confident, happy, healthy women. I’d love to be a part of something greater than myself, to inspire people and to promote good health.

Craig O’Sullivan


Bio: I am a fitness and health enthusiast who has an immense passion and love for training and all types of physical activity, I am a fitness model competitor and also a model for Irish model agency Assets models agency, I am also runner up Mr Ireland 2018/2019 but my biggest passion is my online business which I run as a personal trainer helping people reach and achieve their goals just as I have, is to grow and help the brand grow with me. It’s not about being an individual it’s all about being a team and a family!

Job: Model and student

Why you love using our products? They add such versatility to everyday exercises, you can really specify and target muscles groups with the bands and they bring the challenge back to my workouts!

Libby Christensen


Bio: a 21-year-old college student who found her love for health and fitness after graduating from high school in 2016. Libby has been an athlete since childhood but has taken up new forms of movement in more recent years. She now shares her lifestyle and fitness journey through her social media platform and aspires to be someone that young people can look at, seeing themselves in her in order to discover their full potential and be the best version of themselves.

Job: Full-time college student / Full-time manager at a local meal prep company / Social Media

Why you love using our products? The durability of the products is amazing as well as how diverse the patterns and colours are. Easily usable for anyone at any point in their fitness journey. They work for anything from body weight, home workouts to intense training in the gym.

Alastair Harte


Bio: a 3 time world champion pro fitness model who had also signed the franchise to hold Ireland's first ever Fitness modelling event with Pure Elite. Alastair own’s a chain of gyms in west cork Ireland called Body Image Health and Fitness. He is a huge mental health advocate especially working with teens. As a body transformation coach, he loves to teach people how to improve their relationship towards food and exercise.

Job: Fitness entrepreneur

Why you love using our products? Quite simply they work, they last and they are made with a purpose for the end consumer, not just to generate sales. I use them a lot with male clients and there are so many exercises you can use them for on the male body as well as the female body. I want to show guys I use these with clients and I use them to get myself into show-winning shape. I would love to educate guys to leave their egos at the door of the gym and put a band on without thinking they are only for the female audience.

Aylish Rutherford



Job: University Student

Why you love using our products? I love using the products because they’re bright & colourful, matching my gym outfits and making me feel confident training in the gym!

B_ND Personal Trainer

Abby Carpenter



Bio:Hi, I’m Abby. Wellness is at the heart of what I do; I've been a qualified personal trainer for 5 years and coach women worldwide through my online coaching programme. I'm a co-founder of Embrace, a specialist consulting company that works with global businesses to bring engaging wellness initiatives into their workspaces. I also co-run a social media platform called Gains4Girls that strives to educate, empower and energise women to be their happiest and healthiest selves. I’m an ex-international level Alpine Ski Racer, a BASI Level 2 Qualified Ski Instructor, as well as previously a Top 3 UK Bikini Athlete – hence my knowledge around fitness & health ranges from sports performance to bodybuilding to those simply striving to fit fitness into their busy lives.

I’m also a continuous learner; I regularly attend industry-leading seminars, as well as being a member of the Advanced Coaching Academy and Lift the Bar to name a few. In my eyes ‘an expert is someone who never stops being a student’.

Most recently I’ve come on board as B_ND’s PT Programmer – my role is essentially to provide all of the B_ND community with leading workout guides and fitness content fuelled by the latest research with zero BS. B_ND’s mission is to create an entirely inclusive brand with something for everyone, and so I’m passionate about providing guides and content which match this ethos. Whether you’re a busy mum who trains at home, an experienced trainee or a fitness professional – my aim is to provide quality content that meets everyone’s needs. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such an inspiring brand – a company which is not only putting the consumer experience first, but one which is equally passionate about providing ethical and affordable products.

B_ND Nutritionist

Jenna Hope



Bio:Jenna Hope is an associate nutritionist registered with the Association for Nutrition with a first-class undergraduate in exercise and nutrition and a masters in nutrition. Jenna works as a nutrition consultant to individuals, brands, restaurants, cafes and to the media and has been featured numerous times on ITV News and Sky News. She writes regularly for publications such as: Women’s Health, Healthy magazine, The Daily Express, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, Harper’s Bazaar and Red magazine.

Some of Jenna’s previous clients include: Google, Fiit, The Transformation Chef, Plenish, Linwoods, Link Nutrition and Nush. She has clinics in Marylebone, online and is the nutrition consultant for The Grove Hotel and Spa.

Jenna also delivers wellness programmes to businesses to educate employees on how to support their overall wellbeing, productivity, sleep, stress management and mental health. As the co-founder of The Yoghurt & Juice Network, a company which specialises in nutrition education in schools, colleges and universities, Jenna is passionate that nutrition should be taught from a young age and should be inclusive for all. She is an avid foodie and is passionate that food should never be boring and should always be enjoyable and nutritious.